The Ins & The Outs



  • Our top priority is providing the best customer service & best customer satisfaction in the industry.  Everyone here at Wild Horse Whitetails will go above and beyond to ensure your wildlife experience exceeds your expectations.​

  • Booking slots are reserved when the customer commits to sending in a deposit

  • Booking deposits shall be 25% of the basic cost of your booking.  Then an additional 25% due within 90 days of your hunt, with the remaining balance due upon arrival 

  • Booking reservations are held up to five business days to allow for the delivery of the deposit if paid for by check

  • Once a booking or wilderness retreat is booked, the terms are considered “set in stone,” unless both parties agree to the proposed changes

  • Pricing is subject to change without notice anytime prior to your reservation

  • Deposits made by check, cashiers check, or money orders can be made out to: Wild Horse Whitetails; and mailed to 1583 Bucklucksy Rd. McAlester, OK 74501. When mailing in a deposit please note the days of your stay, package, contact information, and any other information you would like us to have.

  • If a hunt is canceled without a minimum of a three-month notice, generally deposits will not be refundable.  We will make every effort to allow you to change your reserved dates to another time, and/or allow you to transfer your deposit to another person/party to take your place.  We will do everything we can to ensure no one loses a deposit when capable. (Some exceptions do apply)

  • Unless discussed and agreed upon by both parties, the balance due on your hunt or wilderness retreat is to be paid in cash upon arrival at the ranch.  

  • If applicable, harvest fees are due in cash at the time of harvest, unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • All hunters must obey all state and federal hunting laws and regulations

  • A liability waiver must be signed by all ranch guests prior to any activity occurring o the ranch.

  • A gratuity/tip is very much appreciated by our staff but is not required.  We all work very hard to ensure you have the best experience possible.  Most tips in the industry range between 10-15% of the total cost of the experience, but again, it is your choice where to tip or not.


1583 Bucklucksy Rd. McAlester, OK 74501

Wild Horse Whitetails